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The Flexitank is a bag, or flexible tank, that makes it possible to transform a traditional maritime container of 20 feet into a tank capable of storing up to 24,000 liters of product.

With this system there is always availability of equipment at origin, it creates a new logistic for bulks at very competitive costs. It is ideal for storing and transporting any type of non-hazardous product.

Flexitank systems are easy to use, they optimize the transportable payload per trip as well as the container loading space.

Once emptied at destination, it is removed from the container and disposed in a sustainable manner. After that, the container is again ready to be loaded in the traditional way with products of any kind.


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Flexitank España offers a wide range of products and services, based on the know-how of years of experience and permanent innovation. We offer competitive solutions that will boost your sales results by increasing your margin, bringing costs to very competitive levels. Complement your offer and the potential of your company.

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More Profits

For your customers

  • Access to large volumes of purchase with advantageous opportunities.
  • The highest load ratio per trip, with a low environmental impact.
  • Access from emerging markets with less risk and effort
  • Advantageous economic and environmental packaging policies at destination.
  • Agile and competitive logistics taking advantage of intermodal hubs especially in destinations far from the port.
  • High availability of equipment in service with low freight costs.
  • As it is for single use, there is no cost for repositioning or cleaning.
  • Hygiene is always guaranteed.

Many More Profits

For your business

  • Diversification of buyers/distributors through access to new sales formats.
  • New sales channels specialized in bulk.
  • A high-volume market with business on a global scale.
  • Key to entry for emerging overseas markets that see added value in bulk.
  • No storage or handling costs, fast loading and unloading times.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Cost-effective logistics solution:

    o Flexitank vs Barrels, up to 40% more competitive.

    o Flexitank vs IBCs, up to 30% more competitive.

    o Flexitank vs ISO-tank, up to 25% more competitive.

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Flexitank Comparativa

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