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Flexitank España has been actively assisting our national and international colleagues in numerous emergency works within Spanish port terminals.

As a highly specialized operator, Flexitank España offers logistic solutions for the rescue of goods and emergencies, either in port terminals or in shippers or receivers facilities.

We are highly qualified to handle different scenarios and have successfully handled complex cases with total discretion.

Advanced Bulk Logistics

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The support from a specialist

In the event that one equipment has been severely damaged during a transit, transshipment or filling or emptying process, we can help you.

We are able to offer a wide range of emergency assistance services to minimize possible losses in accidents.

We have experience in supporting cases of leaking Flexitanks in terminals that have had problems in transit or during a transshipment, damaged containers and other cargo salvage scenarios both in Spanish ports and in other parts of the country.

Flexitank España Soporte Emergencias

Rely on safe hands
Professional technical assistance

Our support:

  • Advice from field specialists offering container inspection and issuing of technical reports.
  • Possibility of hiring neutral independent expert surveyor.
  • Assistance with contention materials.
  • Pumps and cargo transfer hoses depending on the type of food or chemical product.
  • We provide and install new Flexitank or IBC's with the appropriate volume so that the remaining capacity rescued can be re-dispatched or otherwise disposed of in accordance with current environmental regulations.
  • We remove the residues from damaged Flexitanks under environmental policies.
  • We assist with local port handling.
  • Agile, direct and professional service. Everything at the click of a button.

Re-ship your cargo to destination

Container dañado

Cargo rescue

Our emergency work includes:

  • Cross-pumping from a leaking Flexitank to a new Flexitank
  • Cross-pumping of the Flexitank with leakage to other packages such as the IBC tank
  • Cross-pumping of leaking Flexitank to a tanker truck.
Reciclable Ambiental

Re-Working of the cargo in Terminal

We have different volumes and types of packaging, we are flexible in repackaging the recovered products in other packaging as required by the circumstances.

This flexibility allows us to recover and reship as much as possible of the saved product to its destination, mitigating losses and impact for the insurance companies.

In addition to being an active team in Spain, we are also well placed in different parts of the world to provide a full service support to our customers.

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Do you need support for a damaged container in a Spanish port? Do you require a report regarding the condition of the cargo? Perhaps you need the intervention of an independent and neutral surveyor for your insurance coverage? Do you need to save and reship the cargo to its destination? Do you require that both waste and possible spilled products are treated? Then perhaps you are thinking of contracting our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?

Here is Flexitank España's guide to everything you need to know to open up to a new logistics.