Containerized solids in bulk.
Liners, a safe bet.

Our Liners are an efficient solution for the transport of solid bulks in containers by sea.

These powerful solutions provide significant advantages when it comes to optimizing the logistics processes of the supply chain, perfecting its management, reducing costs and improving the impact of the carbon footprint per ton transported.

We offer you the absolute best logistics option for the containerised transport of your solid bulk production with the best cost/tonne ratio.

Our containerized bulk services for solids puts at your service the benefits of bulk and the advantages of intermodal logistics.

Advanced Bulk Logistics

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Intermodality + Liners

Improve your processes, serve your products faster, go further. All at a better cost. The use of Liners for intermodal transport of containerized bulk cargo has become very popular in recent times, find out why.

Optimize your logistics with bulks

Innovation serving the logistics supply chain. State-of-the-art engineering combined with adapted logistic processes stand out notably within the operational supply context.

Tailored to your needs

We provide advice about the systems that best fit the product to be transported, the filling facilities and its filling devices as well as the receiver facilities and its unloading devices. Additionally, we integrate all the above into logistic routes that enhance the product conservation.

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Liner + Intermodality
The allies that you need.

In the most advanced markets, the packaging is as important as the product transported. The packaging is a series of preparations of the product to be marketed from the perspective of transport, storage, logistics, sale and final use. The packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells.

This packaging within the perspective of modern logistics has to enhance the key factors that make supply chains more efficient and competitive, especially when they are more complex and distant.

Historically, goods have always been transported with available technology in the most efficient way, at the lowest cost, in the fastest and safest way.

For centuries, packaging has evolved under this premise, initially with amphorae and sacks, passing through barrels and bigbags. The entry into play of the containerization of cargo with sea containers as well as the incorporation of bulks within these containers using Liners has powered the trade to a new level.

The arrival of the sea container standardized the services and opened the goods (and their producers) to a global world thanks to the modern intermodal transport chains (Ship + Truck + Train ).

The Liner is a single package that contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells further and with less costs, taking advantage of the new intermodal logistic routes. It doesn't matter if your producer is far away from the port or if your receiver is also far away from your port of reception. Intermodality and bulks have come into the game and it is to say GO!.

Key advantages of Liners

Optimize your supply chain

The use of Liners to transport containerized bulk cargoes in an intermodal way has been increasing year after year, in a progressive way, reaching very high levels of popularity.

Its agility, safety qualities and cost competitiveness have made it the best option for medium-long distances and medium-high volumes, positively impacting and transforming the way the main companies in the sector work within the supply chain.

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Main advantages


  • Use of standard marine containers 20' /40' / 45' / HC
  • Saving on packaging costs.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Waste reduction of loaded product.
  • Minimizes the probability of taint for the transported product.
  • No need for storage.
  • Easier inventory control.
  • Suitable for food use.
  • Maximization of payload per container.
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Because every customer is unique

Tailored Solutions

Liners are systems specially designed to optimize the logistics supply chain. They are especially versatile in their design possibilities to adapt to the different filling/emptying infrastructures as well as to the different natures of the products transported.

There are as many designs as there are infrastructures and products, so when determining the model that best suits the needs of the logistics process, many aspects must be taken into account, including:

Infrastructures and filling method:

  • Filling by pneumatic systems
  • Filling by conveyor belt
  • Gravity filling
  • Mechanical Launch Filling

Infrastructures and method of discharging:

  • Rotary valve discharge systems
  • Gravity Discharge Systems
  • Vacuum generation discharge systems
  • Liner with fluidizing system to reinforce the discharge with difficult flowing materials
  • Discharge receiving hoppers
  • Dump stations and systems to assist unloading

Behaviour of transported cargo:

  • Compacting the goods during transit
  • Ability to fluidize during unloading at destination
  • Possibility of static load generation during transit
  • Fragility of the goods against friction as well as abrasion factor

Considering these and other factors, we will design the Liner that fits your needs, tailor-made.

Evolución Graneles Liner

Forget the big bags and sacks of the last century
Welcome to the 21st century

BigBags were invented in the mid 50's and their use became popular in the 70's with the emergence of ISO shipping containers. They allowed the loading of not very large quantities of bulk without having to opt for bulk ships. This in conjunction with the reduction in the use of tankers was a major breakthrough as it greatly reduced costs and improved the supply chain by making it more efficient.

Over the years, the improvement of technological means and the will to implement efficient improvements in the supply chain, follow their natural evolution to the optimization of cargo within the intermodal sea containers.

Liners arise from this evolution and innovation, optimizing space and payload of containers, maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain.

A Liner, depending on the product transported and the destination of the load, can optimize up to 65% of the costs with respect to BigBags.

Consult our business agents, they will inform you in detail about all the options to move from your old transport methods to our new Liner systems. We will be pleased to help you improve your logistic processes and create a much more efficient supply chain, generating important benefits for your company.

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Do you need advice on the possibility of containerizing your exported or imported production? Are you a producer who wants to move from bags or BigBags to full container loads with Liner? Do you have a production plant and are you considering how to adapt your infrastructure to exports or imports in Liner? Then maybe you are thinking about hiring our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?

Here is Flexitank España's guide to everything you need to know to open up to a new logistics.