Life cycle and recycling

Flexitank España is an environmentally friendly company. We offer waste management and recycling service for empty used flexitanks. If you have received a transit in which a flexitank has been used and you do not know what to do with it once it has been emptied, we can help you both with the recycling of the flexitank and with the product residues that may remain inside.

It doesn't matter the content, we recycle it.

The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous, and enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive.

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Easily manage your used flexitank. Recycle it.

We are specialists in end-of-life services for your used Flexitanks, offering professional environmental solutions to your waste.

Our centres are specially adapted to receive containers once the goods have been unloaded at their destination. Once checked and conveniently drained of residual content, Flexitanks are efficiently dismantled from containers following safety and anti-pollution protocols. These processes are always carried out by appointment.

Flexitanks and the drained residual product are removed and transported in an environmentally friendly way for treatment. It is also possible to have the waste products stored and delivered under fee or planned tariff.

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Fully recyclable components.

In our packaging, we always try to use the highest number of recyclable materials that ensure the minimum environmental impact, highlighting the polyethylene and polypropylene in 99% of the total materials used in its construction.

From an environmental point of view, both polyethylene and polypropylene are among the most suitable materials for reuse. It is a thermoplastic material, which means that, after appropriate treatment, it can be melted and used for the manufacture of products almost indefinitely.

As a company registered in the General Registry of Waste Agents with the NIMA Code A-10253. We can operate in practically any port. We are specialists in offering you the best environmental solution to your waste, at the best price. Consult us for more infromation.

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Environmental sustainability.

Bulk logistics has been consolidated as a means to reduce the amount of packaging (plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, etc...) involved in each commercial transaction.

We provide an optimization of the volume transported of effective load in each market, not affecting the quality of the product transported. We provide strong environmental and logistical advantages.

Logistics processes are an important element of world trade. Every day, Flexitank Group provides services in all corners of the world, aiming at the optimal use of natural resources, creating a new sustainable business model.

Our approach is always to help individuals, businesses and local authorities reduce waste and recycle more by promoting better use of resources, addressing the challenges of climate change.

Keep the chain green

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Respecting the environment

A growing number of producers, retailers and brand owners are now turning to bulk importation as a way of meeting their environmental and commercial objectives.

Bulk logistics in containers is increasingly seen as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to bottling at origin. It can reduce CO2 emissions and address consumers' concerns about environmental impact.

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Our services

Our Flexitank is made from fully recyclable materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene 100% virgin. The steel partitions which protect the container doors are also reusable. Please consult the recycling and removal services of the flexitank at destination as they can be provided on most of the routes offered.

Make a difference as an ecologically responsible company by supporting environmental policies that enhance sustainability, optimize processes and reduce costs.

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Do you need to recycle a Flexitank which you have imported or instead do you need a forfait offer including Flexitank removal & recycling + truck service? Are you an importer who need to return the container in perfect condition to the marine terminal? Then maybe you are thinking about hiring our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?

Here is Flexitank España's guide to everything you need to know to open up to a new logistics.