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Cargoes shipped in containers take crossings that expose the transported goods to thermal peaks in warm seasons or to cold valleys in cold seasons.

For Flexitank shipments in cold seasons, the receiver needs to be able to liquefy the goods that have solidified during the voyage, causing them to coagulate and making them difficult (and sometimes even impossible) to unload.

Our heat treatments offer a fundamental support in a very important aspect when moving containerized loads, their thermal impact.

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Heating Pads

Solidification during transit time is especially common for fatty or oily goods with a low melting point. For these scenarios we offer our Heating Pads which are activated once the container arrives at its destination. The heat produced by these systems liquefies the goods in order to discharge them.

Thermal Services

During transits the goods in the containers are subject to large temperature variations as a result of crossing thermal impact zones or exposure during long periods of time in terminals. Our systems are designed to greatly mitigate these setbacks.

Thermal Blankets & Liners

Service of insulating lining of the interior of the container. Sometimes it is important that the cargo is protected from sudden changes in temperature, humidity from condensation and from the residues that may remain from a previous cargo in the container.

The importance of good insulation

Thermal Blankets & Liners

The correct protection and conditioning of a dry cargo container generates good goods flow as well as confidence in the receivers. For this purpose, we offer our insulating coating service.

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Very low costs

For a very low cost offer more quality in their journeys. Minimize the impact that your products can suffer due to temperature changes, especially in the summer and winter seasons.

General Cargo and Flexitanks

Our systems can be adapted to any type of cargo. They work with both bulk loads in Flexitank and standard shrink-wrapped loads on pallets. Their weight is only about 10kg and does not affect your payload.

Versatility on finishings

We have a wide range of finishes for any type of container. Choose whether or not to include the floor to facilitate the entry of forklifts. It allows special packagings.

Less damages

Reduce the thermal impact on the goods by 40% to 60%. Our systems offer extra protection against condensation generated during transit time as well as against odours and possible cross-contamination.

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The great advantage of a great service.

Our integral coating system protects against temperature changes by protecting against radiant heat (through the wall of the container) and convection (hot air circulating inside the container). There are many advantages offered by our systems, know some of them:

  • The coating is made of a polypropylene paneled film covered by layers of aluminium. The floor of the Integral Liner is made of a reinforced polypropylene material.
  • Made from fully recyclable food-grade materials, compatible with FDA guidelines.
  • The Liner is available in eight different sizes to cover all shipping needs.
  • Integral and floorless systems for 20, 30, 40 and 45 foot containers.
  • Special versions for High Cube (HC) containers
  • Version of thermal blankets for pallets, available for LCL groupage loads.
  • Suitable for Flexitanks, palletized or loose/hand loaded loads.
  • Easy manoeuvrability with the rider or forklift to get in and out.
  • It weighs only 10 kg per 20 ft. container, and 20 kg per 40 ft. container.
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Benefits from protecting your cargoes thermally.

In intermodal logistics it is important to consider all scenarios to minimize the risks and uncertainties associated with unpredictable weather conditions around the world and unpredictable transport delays (long stays for import clearance, long feeder stops, congested terminals, port strikes, en-route retransmission, etc.).

Some products very benefited from our services:

  • wines and distillates
  • pharmaceutical products
  • chemicals
  • Food oils and fats
  • Powder
  • granules
  • cosmetics
  • bulk products
  • food
  • polymers
  • resins
  • hot filling products
  • adhesives
  • etc.

Cargo heaters at destination

Flexitank España HeatingPad

Floor heaters HeatingPad

The HeatingPad uses low pressure steam to generate a heating circuit at the base of the goods stored inside the container.

These systems are traditionally used with flexitanks that transport viscous liquids with a low melting point such as some food fats or oils.

Due to the low temperatures during the transit time, these products of a liquid nature have solidified and have to be reheated once they arrive at their destination in order to be unloaded. With the HeatingPad this mission is possible.

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Cargo liquefaction systems at destination

These heating circuits are connected to an industrial steam generator that drives the steam through the circuit always at a lower pressure of 1.6 bar.

Standard model: The Heating Pad has a continuous one piece rubber hose + steel diffuser for the steam to flow into the Flexitank. The Heating Pad has a continuous piece composed by 32 rubber tubes + steel steam diffuser. It is not reusable.

Plus model: The Heating Pad has a continuous metal piping system for the steam to set flowing the steam heating in a continous way, liquefying the product inside the Flexitank. Based on "Direct Steam Entry" it achieves super fast heating power, heating faster than traditional Isotank container systems. If this system is well maintained it is reusable.

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Are you a freight forwarder who needs proffessional support to install a thermal blanket, or perhaps you may need an integral thermal service + Flexitank + truck ? Do you have a production plant and are you considering how to reinforce the thermal treatment in transit and/or unloading at destination? Then maybe you are thinking about hiring our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?

Here is the Flexitank España guide to everything you need to know to open up to a new logistics.